What are you getting your car for Christmas?

Soon enough, millions of families across the world will be celebrating what for many of them is the best day of the year, children will be clawing at wrapping paper in hope of revealing the latest games console or toy, parents will be making the most of the only day of the year upon which... Continue Reading →


How do cheap car manufactures make money?

If you've ever compared the models that both Volkswagen and Skoda can offer you, you most likely found that by choosing the latter, you'd save a bit of money on what is effectively the same car. Really, they obviously won't tell you this and would possibly rather I didn't tell you but tough, they're probably... Continue Reading →

Motorhubs is now on DriveTribe!

Have you ever done something that you've wanted to do for a long time but you spent all those months or years putting it off? Maybe it was asking someone you fancy out, or taking up a new sport, or adopting a real life unicorn. (Ok maybe that last one is just me, but you... Continue Reading →

Highlights from the London Motor show.

Whenever I am asked "What did you do in the weekend?" I can't help but to feel rather awkward, because 99.99% of the time, my answer is something along the lines of "I did a bit of baking, nothing interesting really." Before I remember that the questioner has just heard a repeat of the exact... Continue Reading →

“AdBlue” blues.

The other day, I was tasked with refilling a Volkswagen diesel using a substance known as "Adblue". As mechanical chores go, this a relatively simple one (to some degree at least). Easy enough to explain the process of doing so in this article without it sounding like a meeting with SpaceX. On this particular Volkswagen,... Continue Reading →

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