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If you live in the United States of America  your choice of pickup trucks is properly as great as the choice of breakfast you would expect to find out there. A range of things we don’t get in the UK and Europe a lot of which we might not even recognise. Around where we are it is more like deciding on a smaller bowl of cereal however it still takes time to consider all of your options. Here are a few. There is the low sugar and low fat dried fruit and flakes that is the Nissan Navara, the muesli that is the Volkswagen Amarok, until recently you used to be able to have the British porridge that was the land rover defender pickup, the coco pops that come with a Japanese tv cartoon character toy from Toyota, the American and UK/EU* friendly frosties that is the Ford Ranger (although the latest model is not bieng sold in America) and then there is the Isuzu D-max it’s the wood chopping, 3.5 ton towing workers cereal.


Our one is a double cab with four wheel drive and 4×4 low a speciation to make it unstoppable of road. the only thing where it could be improved for off roading would be variable firmer suspension as it can be so bumpy that it is less easy and confortable to use. not a huge problem it just means it will still be able to go on even if it has left you dead or alive. Once you take it on to the road it doesn’t always feel like you have becuse it is rather noisy and slightly uncomfortable but still bearable it can be fixed by simply loading the back with manly stuff like wood and rocks. If you want comfort buy the softer Nissan Navara if you do this don’t come crying to the D-max man when you get stuck off road he has better things to tow.

To make the D-max more habitable it has heating, central locking, air conditioning, radio, blue tooth more cup holders than an office, electric windows, traction control and wipe clean rubber floor mats all inside a rather plasticy and simple interior which does still feel decently well put together. It is kept moving by a 160.9227 horse power 2500cc twin turbo charged diesel engine but to prevent myself being diagnosed with ocd I will say a 2.5 litre ‘turbo 161 horsepower deisel engine. Even when it is just on tick over or in first gear despite being a fuelled by the d word it makes a masculine and satisfying noise. The outside is much more impressive than the inside partly because it is massive and looks magnificent and partly because the flat bed could easily carry a Smart for two or a Smart for two idiots as I like to call it. If you have one of these with you on a stary night I suggest you lye in the flat bed and go stargazing, you will love it.

It might not be as cheap to insure as some boring crossover but it actually works off road and it still does around 40 MPG and will prove reliable it is also difficult to manuvure around town and stuff. it is the best smaller Isuzu being made right now it is also the only one. But that’s the boring stuff more importantly it is fun, charming and loveable and as you would not expect from a manufacturer like Isuzu or other no nonsense, dreary, only facts and figures company you don’t have to let it become slightly old and tatty before it works it’s way into your heart.


* Thanks to Nigel farage and his stupid brexit thing it is now very difficult to explain that sort of thing.
Motor: Isuzu D-max
Price (new): from £14,999.00 CVOTR (for a two wheel drive single cab) or £17,249.00 CVOTR (for a four wheel drive single cab)
Journalists rival of choice: Isuzu D-max vs Ford Ranger: Ford Ranger (for a few reasons one of which is it is not the one my daddy owns)
Stars out of×10: ×8
Words of Motorhubdom: it’s masculinity wrapped up in a big cuddle.


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