Peugeot 2008

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It was the Peugeot 2008 presumably named after how old it was designed to feel. the most modern thing about it was the suspension which felt like it was made out of fossils. The same day I went into this vehicle I was doing motocross (it makes you look less stupid to) and that now seems like a sauna compered to this. And when my daddy arrived in it to pick me up from the bus I wanted to walk the 1.1 mile journey home instead whilst carrying my heavy P.E. bag and school bag to. It is not even welcoming either the central locking is right in the bottom of the dashboard and next to it was the hazard lights button which was impossible to get to. The plastics on my glasses were better quality, the sun visors may have as well been invisible, the gearstick rattles as you press the pedals. The instruments were so far away that the car in front had a better view of them, the seats were as supportive as a lawyer that is having to pay you, the roof lining was as uneven as a mountain range, the handbrake had come from another company I am not sure what it was but I would call it the one pence store, even the cubby holes were awkward, I have toy cars and their steering wheel would dwarf the 2008’s despite this though it blocked the view of the controls, and what is this? Rain? The wipers were thin and the roof sounded like it was being bombed thankfully it was blocked out by all the other road noises, the glove box was massive but you could only use a quarter of it. As for build quality it had only done approximately 23433 miles but the plastics were scratched, alloys curbed and the hole thing was rattily and the bodywork was damaged.
You might forgive it for all of its faults if it was charming and good looking but to its boring and has none of the French charm you would get from a Citroën, Renault or ds and as it is a five door estate it is clearly not the prettiest car in the world or was it an estate? I can’t remember because I did not like looking at it and when I asked my sister if she would like to come and look at it… never mind it will only put her of her dinner. As for running costs well… It seams economical and can’t be to expensive to insure but it is about to brake and will cost you in spines, hearing aids and eye surgery.
But honestly getting from a to b in this car is so tiring that it feels like you have gone from z to b! You can see that lots of effort and time has gone into this car but only to make it horrible and annoying just spend your money on a moto crosser instead.
Motor: Peugeot 2008
Price (new): £12995
Journalists rival of choice: Kawasaki moto crosser vs Peugeot 2008: Kawasaki moto crosser
Stars out of×10: ⭐×2
Words of Motorhubdom: never before has motocross been a sauna


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