Volkswagen Touareg (2015)


Photo credit:                                                                 (I don’t want to get sued, I imagine that there is a lot of paperwork.)

Considering buying a Porsche Cayenne or an Audi Q7 but you don’t want the big price tag, to be confused for a golfer or an estate agent and you do not want to have to sue the manufacturers for their vile looks damaging your eyesight? You do however want some their advantages well if so you might enjoy the Volkswagen Touareg a car which has a name you say differently every single time unlike the porsche and audi which are both the same underneath.


If you were to buy the old Touareg instead of any other SUV you would be put into white clothes and be taken to a mental hospital it could not be summed up any better than that. The new one is very different the ride is so confortable it is very tempting to take it apart and toast the suspension over a fire place and have some hot chocolate whilst you eat it, the eight speed automatic gearbox changes so discreetly that it could steel your phone without you noticing, the air conditioning can be set to a number and a half, the intirior has a brushed aluminium and wood effect with the leather, ever so slightly Cheshire controls here and there and chilled glove box give it a hint of gentle mens bar which bon viveurs would love, the heated seats can get so hot you could use them to make a paella, it has more technology than currys pc world and it even has a sport mode which makes the automatic gearbox rev the engine harder before changing up. It is clear that the new Touareg is not just good at sharing it’s underwear with Porsche and Audi.

Despite weighing almost 2.9 tonnes the touareg can do 0 to 62 in 7.3 seconds it achieves this with a three litre V6 that produces 262 horse power however the Touareg is now only available with diesel V6s. as for fuel economy add the line above to the word Volkswagen and there is your answer. It also looks much better than the old Touareg too though that is not saying much becuse most things looked better than it. But remember the point of an SUV is to go off road so the Touareg has permanent four wheel drive, an off road driving mode which also helps to decend hills and 19 inch alloy wheels. The only real off roading my daddy’s Touareg has done is drive up a muddy and rocky road but he said that it was very comfortable doing it. Volkswagen seems to be advertising the Touareg as a thing that could survive the apocalypse it will not disappoint.

But there are a few faults for example the optional panoramic sunroof is not only expensive at £1215 it takes so long to open that by the time it is open summer is over and winter has arived, if you are lazy you can only turn right because the indicater does not always self cancel, the Volkswagen infotainment system which is in the very top of the glove box to get to it you have to pull a small switch and then it takes forever to come down out of there, imagine in a james bond style situation where all the doors and windows will not open “quick Bond! The bomb is hidden in the Volkswagen infotainment system it will go off in ten seconds!”,since it weighs more than stone henge the brakes require a fare amount of more pressing to avoid that tree, bieng an SUV let alone a Volkswagen those Ecopeace or save the Arctic polar trees people and more expensive car haters will not be jumping for joy when you meet them for the first time and it will lose value faster than your shares in BHS.

The last problem is not Volkswagen’s fault it is Volvo’s fault the XC90 just seems that bit more lovable, that bit better looking, that bit bigger, that whole load less yes it does belong to my daddy. despite the less posative above the Touareg is not a car you can only buy with your head but one you can also buy with your heart as it is chearful, loveable and fun this is why I like it even more today more cars are becoming less characterful so anything that you can instantly fall in love with is brilliant.

Motor: Volkswagen Touareg
Price (new): £43,935
Journalists rival of choice: Volkswagen Touareg VS Volvo XC90: Volvo XC90
Stars out of×10: ⭐×8
Words of Motorhubdom: perfect for those bon viveurs.



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