Who I am and why I’m here…

I started Motorhubs in April 2017 because I aspire to become a motoring journalist. I thought that many motoring magazines and websites care more about practicality, running costs and so on than the things that petrol heads and motoring enthusiasts look for in a car.

Not only then, am I here to publish reviews of cars and vehicles, but I am hoping to travel the country, and indeed the world to discover car culture, amazing road trips and more. I am also hoping to visit museums and motor shows, from there I publish articles on vehicles, old and new and explain why I believe that they are interesting or important

If the website is successful throughout the coming year, one of the first places I hope to visit is Le Mans in France but with a bit of luck, no a lot of luck I aim to be reporting to you from the Geneva Motor show in ummm… Geneva. It would also be brilliant if I could soon start project cars and motorbikes, but that will probably have to wait for now at least.

Finally, one of the biggest reasons why I started up Motorhubs, is that I simply wanted to encourage more people from around our world to become petrol heads and help keep the existing ones from dying out. Hybrids are overtaking the world, fuel is becoming more expensive, driving is falling out of favour, and more and more regulations and restrictions are being put onto our roads. These things alone may not lead to the extinction of the motor enthusiast, however they are certainly contributing to it.

Thank you for taking your time to read this post, please feel free to leave a comment, like this post and share it with your friends, doing do will help support the site and help save the petrol head community from annihilation due to the reasons listed in the paragraph above. Thank you.




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